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The venue is booked, the dresses are ordered, so now it's time to talk to your florist.

At Jen's Flowers we believe every wedding should be as individual as the people involved. There are no rules....only a desire to reflect the personalities of the bridal couple.

First things first

Please call the team at Jen's Flowers on 03 5143 0936, to make an appointment, This is very important as a properly concidered wedding flower consultation can take up to 60 minutes or longer. We are a busy florist & quite often cannot give the time required if you just call into the store.

During your wedding flower consultation, we will ask lots of questions so we can provide you with a detailed quotation that reflects all your wedding needs. Make sure you have a fabric sample, colours are hard to describe & it helps us to colour match in the store. Photos are a great way to explain your likes, or the style of the wedding you're trying to achieve. Always feel free to bring your partner, your Mum, girlfriends or bridesmaids.

Jen has designed thousands of weddings ove her 30 years in the floral industry. We will work with you to create wedding flowers that are tailered to suit any style, budget or setting.

So telephone us on 03 5143 0936 and make your appointment today...